by Scotty Boman

This should be regarded as a tribute to, not an issue of, the Michigan Libertarian. However, I invite the Libertarian Executive Committee (LEC) to post some version of all or part of this on the MichiganLP.org website. After creating the 2016 tribute (Volume 45:11) I found an official edition left room for this number in the sequence, so converting it to an official edition would be seamless

I first put a tribute publication together after realizing there wouldn’t be any further issues of the Michigan Libertarian in 2016. It is my sincere belief that more should have been published on the activity of our members, and I had submitted a few items of my own that I wanted to share. I also had concerns that the Michigan Libertarian would be discontinued, and sent an email to our 2016 candidates expressing this concern.

There was a single article Michigan Libertarian issue that went out by email in January, but nothing else resembling a newsletter has come out since.

A core function of the Michigan Libertarian is to acknowledge the accomplishments of our members, and to have a common permanent place where members can share their perspectives with other members. Unfortunately, the leadership (myself included) has failed to provide this service fully. I don't think any other functions of the MichiganLP.org website do this. Traditionally, the Michigan Libertarian provided other services like announcing up-coming events and posting announcements from the LEC. It was also a source of officer contact information. These later functions are potentially handled by the website (at least for those who use the internet). Unlike a social network, the newsletter is a place where permanent articles are posted that people may refer back to years later. It is also a place the LPM controls. As many of you may know, Facebook now censors the posting of news information it disagrees with.

If you are new to the Michigan Libertarian, you can link to 2016 issues here, http://michiganlp.org/category/newsletters . Older issues are preserved in our historical archives here: http://old.michiganlp.org/resources-2/newsletter.

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Survey Of Candidates For Party Office

In case you didn't get the memo, the Libertarian Party of Michigan has a convention scheduled for Saturday July 29th. The official convention page is here: http://michiganlp.org/conventions. At the convention, we will be electing new officers.

Each candidate for party office was asked:

  1. If elected would you work to revive the official LPM publication, "Michigan Libertarian" in a digital format? [ Recent editions are posted at michiganlp.org/newsletters and older ones are posted at old.michiganlp.org/resources-2/newsletter ]
  2. Would you support establishing procedures and policies to suspend or exclude members who behave in a disruptive or embarrassing manner during LPM events?
  3. Would you support restoring James Weeks to full membership?
  4. How much would your personal subcategory of libertarianism ( ie anarchist, minarchist, agorist, objectivist, consequentialist etc. ) effect your leadership style.
  5. Do you support contacting some members by snail mail (USPS) about core functions like conventions and Liberty Fest?
  6. Do you support preserving and maintaining the readily accessible historical archives to help the LPMs institutional memory? [Currently at old.michiganlp.org]
  7. This is your space. Please leave any additional comments or clarifications here. All comments will be publicized.

Some questions were suggested after the survey was already being circulated, "What actions would you take if the Libertarian Party of Michigan lost its major party ballot status?" and "How often do you think the Executive Committee should meet?" Candidates may email me and I can update responses. In fact, additional candidates may take the survey and I will update this article accordingly.

Jeffrey O. Wood for Chair

Otherwise Congressional District Representative (8th CD).

Q1: Yes. Digital and some hard copy editions.
Q2: Only for behavior that violates the non-aggression principle.
Q3: Yes.
Q4: Not that much. It is more important to have an effective cohesive organization to further our common desire for more liberty.
Q5: Yes, but only people for whom we don't have email addresses.
Q6: Yes.
Q7: I want to encourage our delegates to cross ideological boundaries, and vote in an executive committee that is going to devote the maximum amount of time and effort into making the LPM a force to be reckoned with. This is no time to elect placeholders, the LPM needs to capitalize on the momentum generated in 2016, and we need an executive committee that will go the distance to make that a reality.

Bill Hall for Chair

Q1: Yes. Digital and some hard copy editions.
Q2: Other - No, as Robert's Rules of Order already establish a procedure. Generally speaking, the LEC should not be wasting its time
Q3: No.
Q4: Other (please specify) Not at all. Ideology is important, but has no effect on my leadership style.
Q5: Maybe.
Q6: Yes.
Q7: As to #s 1, 5 and 6, only if volunteers step forward to do the work. Any newsletter should be focused on positively providing support to our candidates and affiliates. As to #5, direct mail can play a role, so long as the relative costs and benefits are carefully considered.

Timothy Yow for First Vice Chair (affiliates director)

Q1: Yes. Digital and some hard copy editions.
Q2: Only for behavior that violates the non-aggression principle.
Q3: Yes.
Q4: Somewhat, but I'm comfortable working with those who have different approaches to non-aggression or minimal government.
Q5: Yes! All members.
Q6: Other (please specify) It sounds like something I would most likely support but I would need to know more about the task and resources that would be required.
Q7: I'm running for Affiliate (1st) Vice Chair because I want to make sure the state party is working well with all local affiliate officers and not neglecting some because they are considered too radical or "not libertarian enough". We need to put an end to the divisive attitudes that prevail in the current LEC and focus on the common goals.

Greg Stempfle for Second Vice Chair (political director)

Q1: Yes. Digital only.
Q2: No.Robert's Rules of Order already covers disciplinary procedures.
Q3: Only under these conditions... Maybe, but only if the NDSC is held before his suspension ends so he can be judged by party membership instead of the LEC.
Q4: Not that much. It is more important to have an effective cohesive organization to further our common desire for more liberty.
Q5: Yes, but only people for whom we don't have email addresses.
Q6: Maybe.
Q7:My main goals as Political Director include;
1) Contest a majority of seats in the state legislature
2) Campaign as a party on three core issues, each targeting a specific voting block
3) Improve internal party communication
My full statement about running can be found here: https://gregstempfle.com/2017/07/13/why-im-running-for-2nd-vice-chair-of-the-libertarian-party-of-michigan

Todd Andrew Barnett for Second Vice Chair (political director)

Otherwise Congressional District Representative (10th CD).

Q1: Yes. Digital only.
Q2: No.
Q3: Yes.
Q4: Respondent skipped this question
Q5: Yes! All members.
Q6: Yes.
Q7: It's time to eliminate the old establishmentarians and institute new leaders.

Will Tyler White for 4th Congressional District Representative.

Q1: Maybe.
Q2: Maybe.
Q3: Only under these conditions... Currently there is no procedure to overrule the decisions of the Judicial Committee.
Q4: Not that much. It is more important to have an effective cohesive organization to further our common desire for more liberty.
Q5: Maybe.
Q6: Yes
Q7: Promoting liberty and electing Libertarians to office are the stated goals of the party. The best way to accomplish those goals is a more inclusive and less divisive party.

Benjamin Dryke for 10th Congressional District Representative.

Q1: Maybe.
Q2: No.
Q3: Yes.
Q4: Somewhat, but I'm comfortable working with those who have different approaches to non-aggression or minimal government.
Q5:Not unless they call us on the phone and ask us to send something.
Q6: Yes.
Q7: I am not seeking my 10th district rep seat, I only wish to be considered to fill any vacant seats should any such appointments be made.

Jonathan Elgas for Congressional 8th District Representative

Q1: Yes. Digital and some hard copy editions.
Q2: Only for behavior that violates the non-aggression principle.
Q3: Yes.
Q4: Not that much. It is more important to have an effective cohesive organization to further our common desire for more liberty.
Q5: Yes, but only people for whom we don't have email addresses.
Q6: Yes.
Q7: No response.

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Maryanne Godboldo Receives Award from Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party of Michigan News Release February 6, 2017

Presidential Results
Penny Godboldo (Left) Proudly holds her sister's Libby while standing with nominator Scotty Boman (Right).
Lansing MI – Maryanne Godboldo, the Detroit mother who endured a ten hour standoff with police to prevent the forced drugging of her daughter, was honored at by the Libertarian Party of Michigan last Friday night. Awards were announced at their annual Liberty Festival Banquet (AKA Libby Fest) which was held at the Ramada Lansing Hotel and Conference Center in Lansing Michigan at 5:30 PM. Godboldo was honored with one of three Defender of Liberty Awards presented that evening: The Spokesperson for Liberty Award. According to their website this award is for, “A member of the community whose patriotism and conviction have inspired contributions to the cause of liberty.”

Maryanne’s sister, Penny Godboldo Brooks accepted the award on her behalf due to an aneurysm from which she hasn’t recovered. In presenting the award, Boman commented, “Maryanne Godboldo is a common citizen who did something extraordinary when faced with extraordinary aggression. If all citizens stuck to their guns and courageously stood up to aggression the way she has, we would have a truly free country. She is an inspiration to anyone who treasures liberty above all else, and has more than earned this award.”

Godboldo made headlines in 2011 after the Detroit mother withstood a ten hour armed standoff with police, an armed assault by a SWAT team and a tank for refusing to give her daughter a potentially lethal antipsychotic drug. The police initially insisted they had a court order to remove her daughter, but were unable to produce it when Godboldo asked to see it. Eventually she surrendered when the police and Child Protective Services falsely assured her that they would not take her daughter to a psychiatric ward, or drug her.

In the absence of a valid court order to seize her child, a judge dismissed the charges against Maryanne Godboldo, while ordering that her daughter Ariana be released from the Hawthorn Center, a state-run juvenile psychiatric facility where she was forcibly medicated. On September 29, 2011, a Wayne County Family Court Judge ordered Ariana be returned to her mother.

In the years that followed Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, repeatedly appealed every ruling in Maryanne’s favor until the Michigan Court of appeals reinstated charges against her late last year. On January 27th, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office dismissed the charges because it was determined that Godboldo was not expected to gain competency to stand trial after suffering an aneurysm in 2016.

To learn more or help with the Godboldo's legal and medical expenses, please visit: http://justice4maryanne.wordpress.com

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First Libertarian Primary Candidate Makes History In Special Election

Libertarian Party of Michigan News Release, April 25th, 2017

Detroit MI – Libertarians are having their first primary in Michigan history. The filing deadline for the special election of Michigan’s 1st State House District was at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, and noted Libertarian activist Gregory Creswell will be running unopposed.

Gregory Creswell.
Libertarian State Representative primary candidate, Gregory Creswell.
He will be the first candidate of any third party to appear in a primary election since 1998, and will be the first third party candidate to ever appear in a special election primary… at least since the current election law was enacted in 1954. “We were unable to determine if any Michigan third party candidates were balloted in publically run special election primaries (as opposed to private caucuses) before that date, so this may very well be the first such primary ever.” Said Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) political director Scotty Boman. *

Libertarians achieved primary ballot status because of Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s Michigan vote count in 2016. The special election was called because Democratic 1st District Representative Brian Banks resigned his seat after admitting to providing false information in the course of applying for a loan. That primary will be held on August 8th, 2017 to coincide with the City of Detroit’s non-partisan municipal primary. Creswell filed for the Special Primary on March 30th but more Libertarian candidates could have filed any time up through April 25th.

Creswell is probably best known for being instrumental in the success of the Michigan Civil Rights initiative (MCRI). As the volunteer organizer, starting in 2004, he ensured that the measure got on the ballot in 2006. He made frequent appearances on talk radio, as well as being interviewed on television and in print about the initiative.

In 2006 Creswell placed third, as the only candidate for Governor to support MCRI, while also being the only African American in that race. In spite of opposition from the mainstream political establishment, the measure was overwhelmingly supported by the electorate.

Libertarian Party of Michigan Chairman was noticeably excited about Creswell’s entry into the primary, “The Libertarian Party is proud to have such a principled candidate as Greg Creswell for this special election. Voters in Detroit deserve a viable alternative to one-party representation. The historic nature of any non-Republican / non-Democrat engaging in the primary is a wonderful opportunity to be heard. Greg’s effort is a bell-weather of our commitment to the cities of the 1st District and their citizens, who are starved for freedom from political machines and being taken for granted”

Since he is the only Libertarian in a partisan election this year, he is anticipating unprecedented support from Libertarians throughout the state. “I will campaign in defense of individual rights and the free market. Which means, if I am elected, I will seek to completely repeal the No-Fault law, deny politicians access to our income and support Constitutional carry gun rights.” Said Creswell. His goal is to be the first Libertarian to serve in Michigan’s House of Representatives.

To get involved with, contact, or contribute to Gregory visit GregCreswell.com

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Leonard Schwartz for Congress

by Leonard Schwartz, 2018 United States House of Representatives candidate (Dist. 11)

U.S. House candidate Diane Bostow speaks to supporters in Gaylord.
U.S. House candidate Leonard Schwartz.
I want to run for Congress in district 11 in 2018. I plan to match all campaign contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000.

I chose district 11 because it will be easiest. The incumbent Republican, Dave Trott, was reelected in 2016 with only 53% of the vote. I expect that Kerry Bentivolio, whom Trott defeated in the 2014 primary, will challenge Trott in the 2018 primary. I expect that Trott will again defeat Bentivolio. But that will hurt Trott’s ability to win in November.

But first I must get on the ballot. Because the Libertarian Party now has major party status in Michigan, I must submit petitions signed by 1000 registered voters in that district. Because some signatures will be ruled invalid, I want to submit at least 1300, and preferably 1400, signatures. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Volunteers and I have about 800 signatures so far. I thank everyone who is helping me gather signatures.

In May I mailed petitions and a cover letter to about 70 current dues-paying LP members who live in district 11. Only a few have returned the petitions so far. Please ask friends and neighbors in district 11 to sign. You must use separate sheets for Wayne County and Oakland County. Please return the petition even if it has only your own signature. You must complete the Circulator part in the lower right corner even if only you sign.

To get involved with, contact, or contribute to Leonard visit LeonardSchwartz.us/

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John Tatar Petitions to be Governor

by John Tatar, 2018 candidate for Governor

I am John J. Tatar and I am running for Governor of Michigan.

I am a father of 2 children. My son is a Major in the U.S. Air Force, and my daughter a Phd, teaching Gross Anatomy at the University of Michigan.

John Tatar
John Tatar

My Background: I am a graduate of Wayne States University with a BS in Education and a MS in Education Administration. I have also graduated from the Command and General Staff College of the army.

I retired from the Livonia Public Schools with 31 years of service. I taught English, social studies, industrial arts, home construction, building trades, building maintenance, drafting, wood shop, American History, and government.

I retired from the United States Army Reserves with 31 years of service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Medical Service Corp. I am a veteran of the Desert Storm action. I have served in several capacities such as a commander of a medical detachments, executive officer in a medical battalion and staff officer of a medical brigade. I have been a competitive shooter on the 4 Army Rifle Team for over 10 years, and have achieved 22 points toward distinguished.

I am an Eagle Scout with 2 palms and served as an Assistant Scout Master.

Over the past few years I have been waging a fight against the installation of “smart meters” because of the many violations of Michigan Law they have posed, both the capability to spy on the Michigan Citizens, a violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the United States Constitution, and the violation of the Michigan Constitution, Article IV, Section 51 regarding Public health and general welfare for the Citizens of Michigan; as well as the health risks associated with micro-wave radiation/frequencies and “dirty electricity”.

As the Governor of Michigan I am aware that we are guaranteed a Republican form of government as per the United States Constitution Article IV, Section 4, where the people are the in charge. I will be a “de jure” officer occupying the “de jure” office of Governor, and I will act accordingly; (“de jure” means constitutional, lawful as explained in the treatise as contained in the unanimous United States Supreme Court decision Norton v Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (1886). I understand that “sovereignty” belongs to the people, and sovereign authority is delegated to the “public functionaries” (elected politicians) by the people as spelled out in the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Michigan, and also the United States Supreme Court decision of Downes v Bidwell, 182 U.S. 244 (1901). As the Chief Executive Officer I will return this State back to the “de jure” Republic it was guaranteed and meant to be. I will seek out those that have “usurped” authority never delegated to them involving their act of omission/ or commission, and then expose and removed them for their office.

For a more transparent and responsive government for the people, this is my pledge to you."

To get involved with, or contribute to John contact him at JohnJTatar@yahoo.com or call (734) 968-4715. His website is http://johnjtatar.com

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Bill Gelineau Announces Run for Governor

Bill Gelineau is running for governor, but did not submit an article. His website is cometogethermichigan.org

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Scotty Boman Endorsed by Police Commissioner and Grassroots Activist

Committee To Elect Scotty Boman

Detroit MI – Long-time libertarian activist and physics professor Scotty Boman is running for office again. This time, however, he is starting out with some significant endorsements. Boman was scheduled to be on Detroit’s August 8th Primary Ballot for District 4 Police Commissioner. His only opponent is Detroit Board of Police Commissioners Chairperson, Willie Bell. So the two names won’t appear on the primary ballot, but will automatically be listed on the general election ballot in November.

“I am going into this with some key endorsements,” said Boman. One such endorsement is from 5th District incumbent Commissioner Willie E. Burton (Not to be confused with Boman’s opponent Willie Bell). “Mr. Burton and I would work well together and it would be an honor to be at his side on the Board.” Said Boman

Burton said, “The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners was created 1974 as a civilian oversight board, not a way for the police to police themselves. My friend Scotty Boman is the most qualified candidate in the 4th District for this reason and others: He is a college professor that prepares young adults for their future. He is a hard-working, trust worthy champion of justice. He is a man of great integrity, which is priceless in a world where political corruption has become far too common.”

Scotty Boman providing security for a community event with the local civilian radio patrol.
Scotty Boman providing security for a community event with the local civilian radio patrol.
Burton said, “The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners was created 1974 as a civilian oversight board, not a way for the police to police themselves. My friend Scotty Boman is the most qualified candidate in the 4th District for this reason and others: He is a college professor that prepares young adults for their future. He is a hard-working, trust worthy champion of justice. He is a man of great integrity, which is priceless in a world where political corruption has become far too common.”

Another endorsement comes from Maurice Badgett Jr. of Detroit Obama Grassroots Walkers. “We have a common desire to listen closely to people in the community who may not have the resources to garner the attention of establishment politicians.” Boman said.

His State Representative, Bettie Cook Scott also supports his efforts and considers him to be the best candidate seeking that office. Representative Scott is serving her third term in Michigan's state house representing the second district.

Boman has been in every regular partisan election as a Libertarian since he ran for State Representative in 1994, but Boman says these were fundamentally different types of campaigns. “For the most part, these were educational campaigns; I provided an alternative perspective to the public discourse.”

Boman said, “This time I have a much higher likelihood of winning. I have been seeking and getting support from people in my community. Many of my supporters are Democrats, who share my views on local issues that transcend partisan clichés.” Detroit municipal elections are non-partisan, so all candidates for a given office are listed together in the primary.

This won’t be the first time he ran for non-partisan office in Detroit. In 1997 he ran for Detroit City Council, he was a write-in candidate for local school board in 2010 and in 2013 he ran for Detroit City Clerk. Since then, says Boman, he has strengthened his relationship with community activists. He was recently re-elected to the Board of his neighborhood association in MorningSide and served as Vice President of his local Radio Patrol until last year when he resigned do to schedule constraints.

To get involved with, contact, or contribute to Leonard visit ScottyBoman.org

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Greg Stempfle Files Campaign Finance Paperwork For Secretary Of State

"Greg Stempfle filed paperwork with the Bureau of Elections to run for the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State. Stempfle plans to use his campaign as a platform to push for voting and election reforms. Voting reforms that are part of his platform include mail in ballots and election day voter registration and some of the election reforms include instant run off vote and proportional representation. The LPM will nominate most of their candidates for statewide office at a fall state convention following the August 2018 primary election."

Upcoming Events

Recently the event calendar disapeered from the LPM website. As a result many meeting are now not posted (or the postings are difficult to find). What I was able to find was at the Meetup.com site.

July. 29. Sat.
Annual Libertarian Party of Michigan Convention.
@ 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Dinner @ 6:00 PM
Ramada Inn Lansing 7501 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI, US, 48917. Event page http://michiganlp.org/conventions

August 3. Thu.
@ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
LP of Livingston County Social Meeting @ Cleary's Pub. Howell, MI
LPLCOur monthly social meetings have three parts:
  1. Meet and greet: Catch up with each other at 7 while we order food and introduce any visitors.
  2. Topics: Anyone who has news about their town’s or Lansing’s policies can share what’s happening so we can reinforce policies that promote liberty, and fight policies that reduce liberty.
  3. Guest Speaker / Miscellaneous: If we have something going on that requires discussion before the business meeting, we talk about it. Occasionally, we will have a guest speaker.

Brewery Becker is a brew pub restaurant and is located at the Main St. & 1st St. intersection, next to the railroad tracks, in Downtown Brighton. (810) 844-0225 Brewery Becker accepts bitcoin for food and drink!

The monthly social meeting starts at 7PM and generally lasts until 9PM. Look for the tables with flags and Libertarian Party Signs and lots of intelligent-looking, liberty-loving Michiganders around them.

August 3. Thu.
Jan 5 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Wayne County LP Meeting @ Tijuana's Mexican Kitchen, Dearborn, MI.
Dinner Meeting for Wayne and Monroe Counties.
Discuss the special convention. Business and programs normally start at 7:00 PM. We encourage people to arrive close to 6:30 PM to order dinner.

August 9. Wed.
@ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
LP of Macomb County Meeting @ Ike’s Restaurant, 38550 Van Dyke Ave., Sterling Heights, MI
The Libertarians of Macomb County will be reorganizing. Their meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday of the month.

August 16 Wed.
@ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
LP of Oakland County Meeting @ Rusty Bucket 30450 Telegraph Rd Bingham Farms MI 48025
Contact: Jim Fulner jim.fulner@member.fsf.org

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This is an unofficial volunteer publication that has been created by scott Boman. It is published as a tribute the official newsletter, but is not approved by the Libertarian Party of Michigaqn. The Michigan Libertarian is a publication of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. All applicable disclaimers are posted at MichiganLP.org.

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