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Welcome to the Wedding Reception Helper

Every wedding is special. Planning for a reception can be as stressful as it is rewarding. Planning ahead can remove a great deal of stress from what should be a joyful and fun event. There are a number of traditions associated with wedding receptions, but that doesn't mean your reception must include them, and you may even wish to start traditions of your own.

This Page links to two forms. One is designed to help you build a list of people in your pridal party. The other helps one Schedule events traditions and dances.

Link to bridal party page. Click this link to start building the Bridal Party List Such a list can be useful when lining people up for the grand march, or for the MC to read while introducing people upon arrival or at the bridal party dance.

Link to event schedule page Click this link to start building your Wedding Reception Event Schedule. Such a schedule can be useful when trying to have events take place with a certain flow. It also helps make sure you don't wait until there is no longer time to do something. It might even save you from overlooking a tradition that you had intended to include.

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