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The Emotion Not The Point

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  • Bored (download)
  • Bored (Lyrics with Audio)
  • Intramental
  • Andys Gone (Lyrics with Audio)
  • Our Backyard (Lyrics with Audio)
  • Think
  • Up the ...
  • St Judes Prayer
  • Disregarded
  • Bowser Rules!
  • Wall Flower
  • Pressure
  • Social Outcast
  • Silent Word
  • Bingo Night In Kalamazoo
  • Apathetic Automation
  • Under the Moon
  • Losing My Mind

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    Spite was...

  • Scott Boman (Vocals)Former member of the Degenerates
  • Dan Humiston (Bass)Former member of Passive Agression
  • Greg Fox (Guitar & track #5 “Think” vocals)Former member of Passive Agression
  • Bill (Willie) Axe(Drums & track #6 “Up the…” vocals) Former member of Passive Agression Future member of ROLLING HEAD Tommy Fuller (Guitar leads)Former member of Violent Apathy
    This band was conceived in the 1980’s. Finally it’s on CD! Tracks "Losing My Mind" and "Pseudo Scientist" are Degenerates covers. "Bloody Love" contains parts of said poem by John Hinckley Jr.

    Flyer from fake Necros Gig.

    Spite opened the show. "Born Without A Face" Took The Place of Necros.

    Flyer from Naked Raygun gig.

    Spite opened the show. The "Buthole Surfers" were added to the line-up, after this flyer was printed. $3 well spent!

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    SPITE Welcomes the Resurection of Violent Apathy!
    Violent Apathy Features Spite's Own Tommy Fuller,
    and Richard Bowser (the inspiration for "Bowser Rules!")

    These vids are from their 25th Reunion Tour