Help Scotty Boman with Legal Expenses


I am humbled and over-whelmed by the generosity of those who have made it possible to appeal this absurd ruling. This is an important step in a process that may now move forward. Hanging together is so much more desirable than the alternative.

I will be sure to keep friends like you posted on each step of the process as this moves forward.

In liberty,
Scotty Boman

On July 30thA WCCCD police officer charged me with trespassing in order to cover for her politically motivated attack in which I suffered serious injuries (mostly from being tortured with handcuffs). This happened at my place of work right after I got done teaching a class.

On January 15th my attorney made a straight-forward motion to dismiss the trespassing charge. Thirty sixth district Judge Roberta Archer denied the common sense motion, and we are appealing the ruling. There is one big problem. The appeal will cost $1000 and I have no money to pay for it. I am hoping some people who have supported my political efforts in the past, will be able to help me pay for the consequences of those efforts. Even if you donít share my politics, I appeal to your broader sense of a need for fairness and justice in the legal system.

This charge is designed to intimidate myself and others who are fighting for fair elections and the rule of law in Detroit. It is also a cynical tactic that, if successful, could be used to immunize other rogue police from accountability in the future. For more details, please read what others have written about this attack:

Potential doners who wish to discuss this matter directly may contact me by email at, or by calling me at (313) 247-2052 (voice only). Upon advice of council I am not granting interviews to media at this time.

All set for now
Gifts will be used exclusively to pay for the appeal of Judge Archer's January 15th ruling. This is not a contribution to a candidate committee or non-profit organization.