Armageddon: Our First Video!

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  • Pseudo Scientist
    Lyrics to Pseudo Scientist
  • Armageddon (Lyrics with Live Audio)
  • Teenage Rockstar
  • Remember The Daze
  • Let's Start A War (Lyrics with Audio)
  • Rock Like Hell
  • Styxxx a Pin
  • NAMTONS (JC basement)

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    We are degenerates:

  • Scott Boman (Vocals & noise makers)
    GPSHS Year Book photo of Scott Boman.

  • John Butterfield (Bass & Vocals)
    GPSHS Year Book photo of John Butterfield.

  • Robin Corley (Guitar & track #5 vocals)
    Robin Corley as Pan Holloween 1981.

  • Robert Vansiles (Drums)
    GPSHS Year Book photo of Robert Vansiles.

  • Guest Artists: Dana Wills (Drums) & John Collins (Stand-up Bass)

  • This abominable band was conceived near the end of 1979. It came in and out of remission during the 1980s. Finally, this festering copulation of tracks has been deposited on CD! and has thrust itself upon the world via the internet!

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