You have opened a page that contains a combination of an [html] form and [javascript]. This page prompts the user to answer a series of questions.
The information is used to build a personalized contract. This includes a calculation the determines the cost of service using the following criteria: $250 for the first four hours, and $25 for each additional hour.

As an alternative, you may download the contract in MSWord format (as is available in the document section of the home page), or you may use this link to a plain text version of the contract. I recommend using a calander and the price structure to validate the information on the contract

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On-line Contract Form

Please enter the information for which you are prompted. When you are satisfied that the information is accurate, click the [Build Contract] button to view your on-line customized contract for DJ service.
Personal Information (accesskey: f)
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(accesskey: a)
(accesskey: c)
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(accesskey: alt-shift-P)
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Event Information (accesskey: t)
of your event;
(accesskeys: m / d / y )
(accesskey: i)
(accesskey: @)
(accesskey: #)
(accesskey: k) I may require additional milage if the event is far beyond the tri-county area
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(accesskeys: w:v:y)
Please enter the times to the nearest 10 minutes.

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4877 Balfour
Detroit, Michigan


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