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Photograph of DJ Scotty Boman at work.
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Outdoor photograph of DJ Scotty Boman in tuxedo.

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    Printable Text and Documents

    Note: My music collection is current, but the list may not be.

  • A list of some Popular Music Selections in MS_Excel Format

  • Or a my master list through 2007 in MS_Excel Format

    Otherwise you may link to: Abbreviated Song Table in html format

  • Contract for Service in MS_Word Format

    If you do not have Word or Excel, you may use this link to the microsoft download page, then search for Word Viewer 2003 and Excel Viewer 2003.Otherwise you may link to: Contract text in html format

  • Build A Custom Contract On-line

    1. Choose a date and time.
    2. Check to see if Scotty is available
    3. Review musical preferences
    4. Review the Price Structure
    5. fill out the contract.
    6. Write out a check for the $25 deposit
    7. Mail the contract and the check to Scotty Boman

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    Contact Scotty

    Headshot of DJ Scotty Boman in tuxedo. Links to the top of this page.

    "Good music is the music you want to hear.
    my vast selection allows me to accommodate
    many tastes and styles."--Scotty

    4877 Balfour
    Detroit, Michigan



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